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Land Law 2nd Revised edition

Land Law 2nd Revised edition

Paperback by Bevan, Chris (Associate Professor in Property Law, Associate Professor in Property Law, Durham University)

Land Law

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Land Law


Academically rigorous yet welcoming and fully attuned to the needs of the student reader, Chris Bevan's Land Law represents a new breed of textbook, blending traditional and contemporary teaching approaches to guide readers to a confident understanding of the subject. With its lively, engaging writing style - in which the author's enthusiasm is always apparent - and distinctive way of speaking directly to students, anticipating their questions and areas of confusion, Bevan's book does not simply set out the law but actively teaches it. Clear explanations are complemented by frequent, carefully-crafted visual aids, conveying key concepts in ways that all students can understand, and topics are broken down into sections that are easy to digest and navigate. This book maintains a critical emphasis and encourages students to consider and understand the law in context (both within society and their degree). 'Key case' boxes offer concise insights on leading cases that pique students' interest, spurring them to conduct their own reading of primary material, and although the book reflects on historical background in order to make sense of today's law, its overriding perspective is forward-looking, epitomized in the 'Future directions' conclusions for each chapter which consider future implications and likely reforms. Balancing brevity with detail and rigour with accessibility, Land Law is a truly modern textbook that supports and motivates its readers, allowing them to reap the rewards an understanding of this complex but fascinating subject will bring. Digital formats and resources The second edition is supported by online resources and is available for students or institutions to purchase in a variety of digital formats. - The ebook is enhanced with embedded self-assesssment activities, additional learning tools to aid recall, and multi-media content including author videos, to offer a fully immersive experience and extra learning support. - These study tools that enhance the ebook, along with updates, a series of Lawyers Behind the Cases videos, and links to useful websites and further reading, are available as stand-alone online resources for use alongside the print book.


1: Introduction to land law 2: Registered land 3: Unregistered land 4: Adverse possession 5: Co-ownership 6: Interests in the family home 7: Licenses 8: Proprietary estoppel 9: Leases 10: Easements and profits 11: Freehold covenants 12: Leasehold covenants 13: Mortgages 14: Land law and human rights

2nd Revised edition
Oxford University Press
688 pages
Publication Date:
08 Apr 2020

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