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Your 1st Year at University

Your 1st Year at University

Congratulations on starting your course and welcome to your first year!
Starting university can bring with it a whole range of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Let me first of all tell you that it is perfectly normal to be filled with a variety of emotions and no one emotion is the right or wrong one to feel. 

Our website is here to support and we will share with you advice and guidance from fellow students to help you on the start, and throughout, your exciting new adventure.
Wondering what you should bring with you?

Here is a list of all the things you might want to include when you're packing! 

You can also click on the list to access the free PDF version which can you print.

Thank you to Amy, 1st year Media & Communications student, for sharing your great moving in list!
in the know
As mentioned above your 1st year at university can be filled with many different emotions.

To help keep you focused we have a list of some of the important things to know about university - things every student should know before they start.

The first year does count - many students believe their first year is one for just settling into 'Uni life'. Although this is a very important aspect to your first year, there is also other important elements connected to study which is equally important. What you learn in year 1 will form the basis and essential foundations for the learning to follow in year 2 and 3. So don't overlook the basic skills for your success. 

Attendance is important - not only does many universities monitor your attendance, and will question you if you're not attending lectures, keep in mind you have paid a lot of money to attend university. Don't waste it and be present.

Get into a good routine - start as you mean to go on and create a balanced routine where you are able to, give yourself time to relax and have fun, as well as study and complete assignments etc. We have all been there where we have had to pull an all-nighter but trust me these are never good and the work usually ends up getting completed so much quicker after a good night's sleep. 

Change is OK - Throughout your time at university your goals and aspirations may change and that is absolutely fine. As long as you keep motivated and use the university support services for advice, you will not only have gained loads of fantastic skills that are transferrable but will have achieved your degree.

Don't spend all your student loan at once - it is important to learn how to budget your money and be smart with purchases. Why not look for a part time job or become a student ambassador? You can also find loads of great advice on managing your finances on our finance page.

Learn to cook - Takeaways and fast food are a great treat but you can cook much healthier meals at a much smarter price at home. Learn a few quick and easy recipes that you can make in bulk ensuring you have an easy meal to reheat the next day or get out the freezer. Check out the helpful links below for some tasty recipes that don't cost a fortune.
your graduate self
Why not write a letter to your graduate self?

Not only is this a fun activity but it can also help produce some great benefits. Allowing you the opportunity to revisit the memory you are creating right now. 

Other great benefits include:

  • Boosting your self confidence
  • Helps you focus on your goals
  • Provides you with a future reality check
  • Gives a moment for mindfulness 
As we all know memories can fade or become distorted over time so why not take a moment now to document all your hopes and dreams, your visions, aspirations, as well as ask some questions that only the future you can answer?

Here is a great template, provided by SAGE Publishing, giving you some suggestions on what to include in your letter. 

 Sage Letter

Helpful links
 Here's some more helpful links for a great first year:

Moving into halls on day one can seem like a daunting process. Don't worry! Just remember everyone else is in the same boat.

Here are our top tips for settling in:

1. When you are unpacking your room, leave your door open. You are more likely to get chatting to flat mates.

2. Decorate your new room, this will make it feel like your own home.

3. Attend some of the welcome events offered by the University or Students Union.

4. Join a club or society. This is a great way to try something new, make friends and learn new skills.

5. Remember your friends and family can come to visit and you can go home on holidays.
Here's Elliott, 3rd year physics student, sharing his experience: 


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